Chip Contest 
(Android, 2016)

A puzzle game where you collect objects and in the fewest number of steps you have to go through the whole level.

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Torturing the brain

110 uniqe levels

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Casual game

Old school PC game-inspired turn-based logical game where you challenge your brain and put your insights to the test. With 110 levels ranging from easy to tricky, you'll need to complete each level in the smallest number of moves and the quickest time possible. Your objective is to collect all the chips and deliver them to the CPU while avoiding obstacles, locked doors, moats, enemies, and dangerous turrets. Each level is unique, and your best results are recorded and compared to other players' scores when online. You can see the current top players in terms of time and shortest path to overcome levels. Levels 0-50 are free, while levels 51-110 are premium and divided into two packages.



Latest news


Chip Contest - update 1.4.8

 - Updated Android target API. 
 - Added interstitial ads every 5th played level to users without bonus levels. 
 - Minor fixes added.

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