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Marek Pěnička

My name is Marek Pěnička and I have been a Unity3D developer since 2012. My passion is computer games. My dream is to create games and turn my hobby and passion into a job that feeds me. I'm taking incremental steps to get closer to fulfilling my dream. I would be glad if you could help me with this, whether by buying one of the games, buying a product in one of the games, or recommending my work to your friends and acquaintances.

Professional Experience

  • Facemoji - Software Engineer

    I worked at Facemoji as a Unity3D developer. My job was to provide support for 3D graphics and implement their 3D models into applications. In Facemoji, we developed an app that converted the real movement of a user’s face to a 3D avatar. The app was useful for streamers who are embarrassed in front of the camera or want to enrich their streams with stylized videos. I spent several weeks with the team at the VisionCamp incubator at Betaworks in New York. Facemoji changed its name to Alter after my departure and changed its focus to a mobile app with avatars and an SDK solution for a complete system for creating and animating avatars. That was the main reason for my departure. In 2022, Alter bought Google for $100 million. 

    Facemoji presentation for VisionCamp 
    Google acquires Twitter-backed AI avatar startup Alter

  • PRESENTIGO Inc. - Unity3D Developer

    I worked together as a small team to develop and manage multi-platform business-focused applications and interactive presentations. (2D i 3D). I developed an AR module for the PresentiGO app that enables product presentation in augmented reality. I was involved in developing the T-Mobile Home virtual reality app on Samsung Gear VR, which presented T-Mobile offer directly at the branches. In addition to the PresentiGO app, we subsequently launched the development of a virtual showroom including collaboration (multiplayer), which I also participated in.

    T-Mobile VR Home
    VR Showroom

  • Quiet Dimensions - Unity3D Developer

    In a newly established game studio, we worked on an unannounced sci-fi 3D platform. I was mainly responsible for implementing the animations of the main character (catching behind the edges when jumping, swimming, etc.). I also implemented visual effects and worked on some shaders. The development was eventually interrupted by the investor/publisher.

    Quiet Dimensions 

  • Sense Arena - Senior Unity3D Developer

    Sense Arena develops virtual reality training tools for Oculus/Meta Quest devices. There are currently two apps in development, NHL Sense Arena for hockey players with official support from the NHL, and Sense Arena for Tennis for tennis players. Here I am part of a medium-sized team and as a senior developer, I am involved in the development of the main components of both applications, especially the common program core of the two applications, the user interface, and the multiplayer. I am also available for junior employees as a mentor.

    Sense Arena
    NHL Sense Arena promo video
    Sense Arena for Tennis promo video